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Thriving Beyond Workplace Bullying and Mobbing: Essential Guidance

In recent weeks, the media has placed a significant spotlight on the issue of workplace bullying and mobbing. Unfortunately, some of these stories have ended tragically, highlighting the urgent need to address this pervasive problem. For certain groups, this isn’t a new phenomenon; many of us have experienced it in multiple workplaces, making it almost seem like the norm rather than the exception.

Addressing this issue can be challenging because it’s deeply rooted in factors beyond our control, primarily the inability of some individuals to see their colleagues as fellow human beings and treat them accordingly. While changing people’s perceptions might be difficult, there are steps to shield ourselves from the devastating consequences of workplace bullying and mobbing.

As children, dealing with bullying may have left us with hurt feelings and perhaps even some lasting emotional scars. However, as adults, the impact of workplace bullying is far more profound, often classified as a form of significant trauma.

Addressing the brokenness in the souls of those who perpetrate workplace bullying and mobbing may be beyond our reach, but we can offer some guidance on how to cope with the aftermath in your life. Here are a few key areas to focus on:

  • Mental Health: Bullying and mobbing are deliberate tactics designed to harm and undermine the careers of their victims. Having a therapist can be beneficial in general, but it becomes imperative in navigating the darkest aspects of this abuse.
  • Finances: The abuse experienced in bullying and mobbing situations can have a significant impact on your finances, often aimed at derailing your career. Therefore, while managing your finances is always wise, it becomes even more critical if you suspect you’re a target of such behavior. Consider consolidating credit cards, applying for revolving lines of credit, and, if possible, investing in income-producing property. These measures may seem drastic, but they can help reduce external control over your housing and finances. Workplace bullying often creates financial insecurity, leading to increased stress on your career, mental health, and physical well-being. When faced with bullying or mobbing, prioritizing financial security is crucial.
  • New Job: In this context, we refer to a “job” rather than a “career” because it’s essential to acknowledge that a career can be abruptly taken away. The harm caused by workplace bullying and mobbing is unsustainable in the long run. Leaving such a toxic environment is often the best choice for your physical and mental well-being, even though it might not be ideal, particularly in today’s job market.

If you notice changes in your work environment, such as reorganization or new management, consider proactively preparing yourself for potential shifts. Implementing the three steps mentioned above can provide a layer of protection.

In conclusion, facing workplace bullying and mobbing can be incredibly challenging, but remember to stay resilient and seek support when needed. By taking steps to safeguard your mental health and financial stability, and being prepared to make changes when necessary, you can navigate these difficult situations and emerge stronger. Good luck, stay strong, and believe you can overcome these challenges.