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I Wanted to See How AI Viewed Black Americans in Each State of The United States – This is What Happened

A recent humorous post grabbed my attention because it showed how Europeans viewed Americans, state by state. However, upon closer examination, a friend pointed out the glaring absence of Black people and other people of color from the list. Unfortunately, this exclusion is all too common, and it initially went unnoticed by me, as well.

Recognizing the importance of representation, I became curious about what a similar list would look like if it included Black people. After all, seeing ourselves represented is something we all appreciate. However, I hesitated for a moment. That’s because I wasn’t in the mood to encounter stereotypes and biased portrayals.

Rather than exploring how Europeans view Black people, I decided to shift gears and explore how AI perceives Black Americans. To my delight, AI understood the assignment because the results were GIVING. BIPOC. IYKYK.