Affirmative Action, Artificial Intelligence, Diversity

Charting a New Course: A Post-Affirmative Action Landscape for African Americans

The recent Supreme Court decision marks a significant transition in higher education – dismantling affirmative action. Although it may seem like an unwelcome setback for many, it’s crucial to remember that we, as a society and BLACK individuals, embody resilience and have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to adapt and navigate through extreme changes.

We’re not living in 1923; it’s a century later, 2023. We’re in a world that has transformed considerably and continues to evolve rapidly. While some forces appear intent on regressing, we realize the clock cannot be turned back entirely, and several developments are irreversible. 

What’s significant among these developments is the advent and rise of artificial intelligence (AI). AI is reshaping industries and professions, even those that Ivy League students are currently pursuing. It’s predicted that AI and automation will be replacing a vast array of jobs, making it paramount for everyone, especially young Black individuals, to strategically plan their education and career paths.

Considering this landscape, traditionally stable and in-demand fields like HVAC, plumbing, and electrician work emerge as promising prospects. These are professions that require specific skills and hands-on expertise, making them less likely to be entirely automated. They provide an alternative path to success and financial stability, often without the burden of enormous student debt.

Additionally, we have a wealth of educational resources at our disposal in the form of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). There are 107 HBCUs in this country, each providing a welcoming environment where students can thrive academically and socially. With the Supreme Court’s ruling, it may be time to pivot our focus more toward these institutions. It’s a call to action for students and athletes alike to bring their talents where they’ll be valued and nurtured.

As we traverse this new landscape, it’s vital for African Americans not just to adapt but thrive. We must embrace the reality of our current world, not the world we wish we had. This means making intentional, strategic decisions about our future.

We are not merely survivors; we are innovators, creators, and trendsetters. Let this Supreme Court decision not dishearten us but instead, use it to fuel our determination to chart our unique course in this evolving world.